Our Short History

How we’ve started the LightBulb Cafe.

LightBulb Cafe started out from an inspiration from a lighting shop. We set out to build a cafe for a few good reasons. One of those reasons is to create a place where family and friends can enjoy great food and coffee while being in an excellent atmosphere.

Take our word for that. We look into brewing only the best tasting coffee with exceptionally fresh coffee beans and we spare using MSG in our food dishes so you can rest assured to be dining healthy over at The Lightbulb Cafe.

Serving the best coffee in Penang is not the only thing we do. You’ll find lots of other signature drinks, mouth-watering food dishes and tasty deserts over at The LightBulb Cafe.

Watch: The Lightbulb Story

Come down to the cafe and you’ll be greeted by our friendly waiters and baristas. We’ve made our cafe cosy so you’ll love spending your time in here whether it is to relax, chill or to get inspiration for your next big idea.

So go ahead and spoil yourself while you’re here. Dine, take photos, laugh and share the joy.

Job Openings

would you like to join our team?

We’re hiring new family members who wants to take up the role of being a coffee ninja and culinary artist. We accept part time or even full time staffs.

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